Real Estate Development & Portfolio is part of the Real Estate Division at the University of California, Berkeley. It is responsible for assisting the campus to meet its needs for facilities through methods other than the traditional campus capital construction approach. These methods include the construction of new buildings via third party developers or donor development, purchasing real property and leasing space in commercial buildings. Real Estate Development & Portfolio purchases real property, primarily office buildings, on behalf of the Berkeley campus and manages a portfolio of recently acquired properties totaling over 700,000 square feet, providing campus users with a stable and predictable supply of affordable space. The office oversees the development of existing UC-owned property via third party developers, where appropriate. Real Estate Development & Portfolio facilitates the development of new facilities for the Berkeley campus by donors who wish to construct the improvements on land licensed from the campus and then gift the finished facilities to the University (“donor development”). The office currently manages the leasing of off-campus commercial space consisting of approximately 60 leases, totaling over 430,000 square feet of space where UC is the tenant. Finally, Real Estate Development & Portfolio is also responsible for leasing campus owned facilities, both on and off campus, to non-university tenants.