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The goal of the EPP Road Show is to promote environmentally preferred alternatives for common office supplies. 

Environmentally Preferred Products (EPP) Road Show

CRRS EPP RoadshowAt the roadshow, products that produce less waste than their counterparts or are made out of recycled content are showcased. For example, Pilot’s B2P (Bottle to Pen) is a pen made out of recycled plastic water bottles, which means it is a #1 PET plastic and is readily recyclable. It is also refillable which allows for the continual use of the pen while only throwing away the empty ink.

During the event, samples of the products are distributed and building occupants are educated on waste reduction and why the selected products are environmentally preferred. Thus far, EPP Road Shows have been held at the Campus Shared Services Center, California Hall, Wurster Hall, and the Haas School of Business.

Purchasing Information

For purchasing information, such as SKU, price, and quantity per package, refer to this handout for our featured products.

VWR Product Information 

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