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ReUSE focuses on reducing waste and pulling reusable items (e.g. stationary, binders, books, and clothes) out of the waste stream and recirculating them both on-campus and within the Berkeley community.

ReUSE Stations                                                            

CRRS Barrows ReUse Station

Campus ReUSE stations, like in Barrows Hall, serve as a hub for students, faculty, and staff to pick up any reusable items for  free.

If your department has a large amount of usable supplies such as binders, staplers, mail trays, etc. that are no longer needed, please call the Facilities Services desk at (510) 642-1034 and initiate a work order. Our team will repurpose and redistribute these items, instead of throwing them away. 

Refreshing Refills

Refreshing Refills LogoRefreshing Refills is a program that aims to promote refillable mugs, water bottles, pens, and markers on campus in an effort to reduce the number of single-use, disposable items from entering the waste stream.

The program is currently working with Cal Dining and other on campus cafés and resturants to help encourage students and staff to bring their own water bottles and mugs.

As part of the program, Cal Zero Waste also partnered with Brita® to distribute unique water bottles to students, staff, and faculty that pledge to use them on campus.

Refreshing Refills also works through the Environmentally Preferred Products (EPP) Roadshow team to encourage campus offices to purchase refillable pens and markers off of BearBuy. 


The Eco-Trike is a human and electric-powered bike with a truck bed that is used for on-campus pick ups and deliveries. It was purchased through the Pedaling Towards Zero Waste grant funded by The Green Initiative Fund.

CRRS EcoTrike Logo

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