wheeler hall

Building Background

Designed by UC Berkeley’s first campus architect, John Galen Howard, and constructed in 1917, Wheeler Hall is included in the National Register of Historic Places, is listed on the State Historic Resources Inventory, and is a City of Berkeley Landmark.

Wheeler Hall is located in the “Classical Core” of the central campus and is approximately 137,000 gross sq. ft. It comprises classrooms and faculty offices and houses the English Department as well as several other academic groups.  Approximately ten percent of the general assignment classrooms on campus are located in Wheeler Hall. Wheeler Auditorium, which seats over 700, is one of the largest and most highly used auditorium spaces on campus. 

Renewal Project Scope

The completed project will provide new building systems for Wheeler Hall including: accessibility improvements, life safety system improvements, new mechanical and electrical systems, new telecommunications infrastructure, elevator modernization and replacement, roofing and waterproofing systems replacement, restoration of windows and interior finish upgrades.

The project expects to achieve a minimum LEED Silver certification.


This project is funded through the Capital Renewal Program.  It is conceived of as part of a new approach by the University for managing capital renewal efforts by undertaking the renewal of the infrastructure of an entire building in one project. 


April 3, 2017

Planning to move units back into Wheeler is underway; moves are expected to begin in early June and continue through the summer.

August 31, 2016

A successful shutdown of the high-voltage system in mid-August allowed for the installation of temporary power needed during construction.

Work is currently focused in the sub-basement and on the fourth with demolition and hazardous materials removal.

Demolition and removal of roofing material started last week and is scheduled to continue during the next few weeks. Some of the work may be noisy.  Once the old roofs are removed, installation of new ones will begin.

Activity in the next few weeks includes the start of work on exterior window frames and the installation of scaffolding, first in the interior courtyard and then around the exterior of the building.

Planning for moves back into Wheeler next summer is also scheduled to begin in the next few weeks.

Work hours for the project are 7am - 5pm Monday – Friday. Construction vehicle traffic will be limited to early hours as much as possible.  Some noise is expected from roofing work but much of the construction is interior to the building and not expected to be noisy for those nearby.


July 15, 2016
Fencing around Wheeler Hall is being installed today (Friday July 15) as work continues on renewal project for the building.  Construction crews have been busy inside the building since it was vacated at the end of June.  Activities have included additional testing for any hazardous materials in the building, installation of temporary power and lights, shut down of building systems, and other preparation for interior demolition.

May 26, 2016
Tthe moves out of Wheeler are complete.  Please see below for the temporary locations of offices and programs.

Unit/Department/ Program

Location 2016-17

Berkeley Connect

Hearst Field Annex Bldg B

Cal Performances

Zellerbach Hall

Center for Teaching & Learning

Hearst Gym 114

College Writing Programs

Hearst Gym 112

Computer Facilities


1st floor Moffitt Library,

2180 VLSB (Within Bioscience Library)


Disabled Students’ Program (DSP) Alternative Media*

Hearst Field Annex Bldg A-10

Disabled Students’ Program (DSP) Proctering*

Hearst Field Annex Bldg A-10

English Department

Hearst Field Annex Bldgs B, C, D

English Department Administrative Offices   

Hearst Field Annex Bldg B

General Assignment Classrooms



Hearst Field Annex Bldg B

 Please click here for a flyer with the list and map of temporary locations.

*If you need assistance with the travel path please contact the Campus Access Specialist, Ben Perez at: bperez@berkeley.edu

Wheeler Hall Renewal - What Happened During Construction?

This short video has photos of work behind the walls and above the ceilings, all done to update the 100-year old building's infrastructure.

Classroom Resources

Wheeler Renewal Project Support

Click here for a website with useful information to help instructors prepare for and use the surge spaces (i.e., temporary classroom locations) including:

  • Detailed information for each surge space
  • Important classroom support information including service impacts
  • News and Information on the project and surge spaces


Construction is scheduled to take place May 2016 through May 2017. 

The building will not be occupied during construction. Moves out of the building began in March 2016 and the building is now closed for construction.


Questions should be referred to UC Berkeley Construction & Design at (510) 643-4793 cshaff@berkeley.edu.