Senior Superintendent: Jimmy Manibusan

The Utilities Operations group oversees the operation and maintenance of campus utilities (steam, electric power, natural gas, fuel oil, water, and sewer), Campus Hill Area Electric Substation, and the main campus Cogeneration Plant. Utilities Operations also includes maintenance and operation of campus facilities fire protection, and Campus Hill area maintenance.

Utilities Operations provides core services for the management of centralized utility systems associated with energy/resource supply, delivery and administration, contract negotiations with utility suppliers, plant/infrastructure operation, and maintenance.

The Steam unit operates and maintains the high-pressure steam distribution infrastructure from the point of supply (campus Cogeneration Plant) to the point of use at approximately 120 University buildings.

The Water unit operates and maintains water distribution, sanitary drainage, and storm drainage infrastructures (typically associated with contiguous areas of land containing multiple University buildings).

The Electric Distribution unit operates and maintains the University's electric distribution system that receives high voltage power from Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) and distributes it throughout the main Berkeley campus.

The Fire & Safety unit maintains and repairs building fire protection and life safety systems throughout the University. These systems include fire alarm systems and fire pumps. This service unit also oversees a central fire alarm reporting system that, through the campus police department (UCPD), receives alarms from the individual building systems and relays them to the multiple fire departments. In addition to these core services, the Fire & Safety Group upgrades and installs building fire alarm systems.

Utilities Laborers provide safe, timely, and professional service to faculty and staff in all campus departments, including daily support to all of our staff in the trades. They assist in all aspects of excavation. They assist in underground utilities, water and sewer mains, the new design of drainage systems, pouring and setting manhole and assisting contractors throughout campus. They provide maintenance on many storm systems, to assure proper drainage of water and debris to reduce damage to the campus, and assist with irrigation systems.

The Senior Building Maintenance Workers provide expert and knowledgeable assistance to other craftspeople on various tasks.

For Utilities requests, please call the Customer Service Center at 642-1032.