Environmental Services (Pest Management), provides consultation on pest prevention techniques for both indoor and outdoor areas including campus labs, offices, food areas, and housing units for all types of pests including insect pests (fleas, cockroaches, silver fish); vertebrate control (rats, skunks, feral cats); wasps and bees; and birds.

Due to the nature of the business, work may not be completed on the initial visit but will involve a process of repeated actions: inspection, treatment, monitoring, and education.

Our Pest Management team is made up of Tiege Dolly, Donald Stone, Morris Lever, and Andra Ward (from left to right in picture). The newest members, Tiege and Donald, are experienced Structural Pest Control technicians with SPC Branch 2 & 3 Licenses. In early 2016 they both successfully completed an intensive Integrated Pest Management training with Morris Lever. photo of pest management staff

Lead, Pest Management: Andra Ward

Grounds Custodial & Environmental Services maintains the campus buildings and grounds by delivering cleaning, cultivation and collection services for all public use facilities. 

Associate Director, Custodial, Grounds, and Environmental Services: Sal Genito