UC Berkeley established a comprehensive approach to seismic safety on the campus with the launch of the SAFER Program (Seismic Action Plan for Facilities Enhncement and Renewal) in 1997. The resources linked below lead to a variety of campus sources of more information.

SAFER Program
This website provides details on the 1997 comprehensive review of the structural seismic risks to the campus and the plan launched in October 1997 to address and mitigate those risks.

Campus Building Seismic Ratings
The University of California updated the rating system used to rate earthquake performance levels for existing buildings and now uses the same rating system as California State University and the California Department of General Services. The table of UC Berkeley building ratings has been updated using this rating system, which is based on a scale of I - VII.

UC Berkeley Office of Emergency Management

The campus unit that oversees preparedness planning.

Post-Earthquake Building Evaluation

The University of California, Berkeley has a campus Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) that describes the organizational framework, guidance, and authority for responding to and recovering from an emergency. This policy specifically defines the process for Post-Earthquake Building Evaluation and the protocols for evaluating the structural integrity of buildings and infrastructure following a seismic event.

University of California Seismic Safety Policy
This system-wide policy is focused on University buildings and other facilities.

University of California Seismic Safety - Additional Information