The IBM® Maximo® Asset Management suite has been selected as the replacement for the Asset Management and Facilities Services current work order system (SPAN & Dynalogic). Maximo is industry-leading, comprehensive solution for managing physical assets.  on a common platform in asset-intensive industries. In addition, the system will enable web and mobile access for AM-FS staff and clients.

Maximo is an application designed for enterprise asset management (EAM). As an integrated solution, Maximo will enable us to manage the lifecycle (operate, maintain and dispose) of our enterprise assets in the most effective and efficient manner. Some of the key benefits that Maximo will provide include

  • Expanded predictive, preventative, planned, and unplanned maintenance activities
  • Enhanced scheduling capability for assigning work to available resources
  • Improved inventory management and warehouse logistics
  • Streamlined work processes and  complete tracking of all work management tasks
  • Optimized maintenance schedules and labor utilization
  • Increased transparency of services to clients
  • Improved communication regarding work status and completion
  • Advanced reporting and key performance indicator (KPI) tracking
  • Informed decision-making on the complete asset lifecycle
  • Defined roles for users within the system that controls user access and available actions based on role
  • Simplfied access and use through web and mobile technology

Learn more about Maximo at IBM's Maximo Asset Management website

Maximo Implementation Plan

Asset Management and Facilities Services is working with GenesisSolutions to implement the Maximo 7.6 system.  The team from GenesisSolutions will lead AM-FS staff through a series of phases including preparation, design, development, testing, training, and go-live.  Throughout the implementation, Genesis will work to ensure that we develop a system that meets our business requirements and that is usable, sustainable, and maintainable.

Project Timeline

Key Phases Target Completion Status
Project Kick-off February 2016 Complete
Core Team Training Early March 2016 Complete
As-Is Business Process Review Mid March 2016 Complete
To-Be Business Process Review Mid April 2016 Complete
Design Early May 2016 Complete
Development September 2016 Complete
Testing September 2016 Complete
Training September 2016 Complete
Go-Live (Core) October 2016 Complete
Mobile Pilot May - June 2017 In Progress
Mobile Go-Live (Phased) Mid July 2017

Maximo Demo Site

A Maximo demo site has been created for Real Estate, Asset Management, and Facilities Services staff. The demo site is a playground so that you can become more familiar with the look and feel of the Maximo environment and the various modules. Please note that this environment does not contain any UC Berkeley-specific data or configurations.  While you may create records in the system, you should not enter factual or any sensitive data. 

To access the demo site, click the link below and enter the provided username and password.

Demo Site: 
Username: MAXIMO1
Password: maximo

Note: access to this demo system is restricted to on-campus locations or VPN connections only.

Maximo Project Updates

2016.09.26 - Maximo Go Live in Seven Weeks

FS colleagues: 

Thanks to all of you for your continued engagement in the Maximo implementation. We are nearing the final phases of the project and are on track for a Mid-November go live. 

Here are a few important updates about the project: 

Project Contacts

Project Questions, Comments, or Concerns

Project Manager:
Sri Ramya Bachu Venkata

Project Sponsors:
Sally McGarrahan
Director Asset Management and Facilities Services
Grace Crvarich
Chief Operating Officer, VC Real Estate
Greg Colf
Associate CIO, VC Real Estate