Active Capital Projects: Summary Report     pdf     xlsx

PRR Projects (FY17-18 and beyond created on or after July 1, 2017)    pdf  xlsx

Capital Projects Prism Report

PRR Projects Report (Through FY16-17 Projects created prior to July 1, 2017)

Tips for using Capital and PRR Projects reports:

- Accessing: The Capital and PRR Projects reports are only available from on-campus networked devices.  If you are off campus, you can access them via the remote desktop service or by connecting to campus through the campus VPN.

- Sorting: Report data can be sorted in ascending order by clicking on the column heading titles that are highlighted/underlined.

- Printing: The reports will print best with the paper orientation "Landscape."

- Downloading: In report view, right mouse click, select "Export to Microsoft Excel" and save the worksheet onto your hard drive. This feature will only work using Microsoft Explorer.

- Closing the report: Use the "Close" button on the upper left corner of your screen to return to this main Project Report Summaries page.

Financial data is current per the Facilities Services project data system (PRISM). Due to timing differences, manual reconciliation between PRISM and Berkeley Financial System (BFS) may be required to match balances.