Project Renovation Requisition (PRR)

Requests for construction, renovation, or inspection services from Construction & Design

PRR’s should be used for very small projects (total value expected to be less than $35,000) and maintenance work. For construction projects of more than $35,000 in value please submit a Project Initiation Form.

The PRR form should also be used to request a Gateway Estimate for any size project.

A Gateway Estimate is a general cost evaluation for a project concept with a preliminary scope of work. It is prepared without the benefit of drawings or detailed investigation and is NOT to be used as a firm or final budget, but can help determine if your department has the funds to proceed with the work. There is a fee of $765 for this service.

For more detail, visit the Gateway Estimate webpage.               

The information needed to fill out a PRR form includes a brief project description, requestor contact, business manager contact, and chartstring (required). The requestor also provides direction to proceed without a formal project estimate, or to start with a Gateway Estimate.

Submit a PRR request

For projects valued under $500, please contact Facilities Services to open a Work Order by
sending an email to the Customer Service Center at