Located in Downtown Berkeley, People’s Park is a 2.8 acre park near Telegraph Avenue, bounded by Haste and Bowditch Streets and Dwight Way, near the UC Berkeley campus. People's Park serves as a free public park. Public restrooms are available (hours are 6am – 10pm, same as the park hours), and the park offers demonstration gardens developed by volunteer gardeners, including organic community gardening beds and areas landscaped with California native plants . Many students make regular use of the basketball courts. A wider audience is attracted by occasional rallies and concerts, conducted at the park’s Free Speech stage.

Maintenance in People’s Park

UC Berkeley is scheduled to carry out safety and maintenance work in People’s Park during the week of June 1, 2015. The work will focus on trees in the park that have been identified as in poor health or condition and that are potentially hazardous. Some trees need to be removed while others can be preserved with thinning or stabilization. Part of the work will also include mulching around the base of the trees to protect their roots. This work is being done to maintain the safety and cleanliness of the park as an open space.

UC Berkeley had a professional consultant arborist review all 155 trees in People’s Park in July 2014. The arborist identified several as being in poor condition and recommended removal of some of them. In December 2014, two of those trees fell during storms. Thankfully, no one was injured. 

The methodology, assessment, and recommendation of the certified arborist’s review of the trees in People’s Park can be found here.

This regular maintenance activity follows safety work done in the park in late spring.  The main goal of that landscape maintenance was making the park safer.  UC maintenance will continue to focus on safety and remove any unsafe trees or items on the property throughout the year. We will also implement water-wise care of the park within restrictions placed by the state and our local water provider.

During the drought, we will not able to plant any new trees in People’s Park. Once the drought emergency is lifted, if planting plans are developed, we will share information publicly about our plan and our process for community input to the plan.

Any trees or other plants placed or left in the park without UC authorization will be removed and made available for pick up at the People’s Park office.  If items are not collected within a week of removal, they will be disposed of. 

Thank you for your cooperation.

Questions about this safety and maintenance work can be directed to Christine Shaff, UC Berkeley Real Estate, at (510) 643-4793 or cshaff@berkeley.edu.

Rules for Park Use

Persons using People’s Park shall abide by all standards set forth in these rules. Failure to observe these standards shall be grounds for removal from the park, in addition to any other authorized legal sanction, by any person authorized by the City of Berkeley or the University of California to enforce these standards. Failure to follow the rules constitutes being on University property without lawful business.

Operating Hours. People’s Park will be open from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily. No unauthorized persons should remain on park property between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.

Fire Safety. No fires shall be allowed without permit from the People’s Park Staff, and then only in certain area and during certain times, and under certain fire safety requirements, as designated by the University of California.

Vehicles. No motor vehicles or trailers may be brought or kept in the park except as authorized by UC staff or or by other University permit procedure, for temporary loading or unloading of cargo in connection with approved events or activities.

Animal Control. Dogs and other domesticated animals must be on leash or under the voice or hand control of a responsible person. Person(s) responsible for animal must pick up and dispose of animal droppings. Animals may not be left unattended. Animals left unattended, even if secured, will be reported and may be removed.

Buildings and Structures. No buildings or structures are allowed unless authorized by the University of California. Works of art are allowed only by permit issued by the University of California.

Camping and Storage of Personal Belongings.

No tents shall be allowed at any time except by permit. Setting up a household or campsite is not allowed at any time.

No person shall bring, leave, or dump furniture, mattresses, or other household items in People’s Park. Large personal belongings or large amounts of personal belongings, that is, anything other than what can be reasonably carried on the person or used for recreational purposes, may not be brought or kept in the park at any time. Typically, personal belongings consist of a back pack and a sleeping bag and/or two blankets“Mattress” are items such as: any solid, foam, stuffed, or inflated pad that is normally used for reclining and is more than one inch thick.

People’s Park shall not be used for the storage of personal possessions at any time. Stored items will be subject to removal and storage, and will be discarded if not claimed within 90 days. "Storage of Personal Possessions” means leaving items unattended, that is, not in the owner’s immediate personal custody and control during park hours and items left in the park when it closes at 10:00 pm.

No unauthorized carts, carriages, trailers or other vehicles of conveyance designed for or used to transport property shall be allowed in People’s Park at any time; except that (a) baby carriages actually used to transport infants. (b) wheelchairs, and (c) wheelbarrows or other gardening conveyances actually used by park gardeners to transport soil, plants, and other horticultural materials shall be allowed in People’s Park.

Public Events. On-Going Group Activities, and Other Reserved Uses. Public events using amplified sound, on-going group activities, and reserved use of park facilities are subject to approval through the University’s permit process. A sound permit from the City of Berkeley may be required.

Respect for Plants, Wildlife and Others. Plants and wildlife shall not be molested in any way. All users of People’s Park shall respect the right of others to use the facilities in a manner consistent with applicable laws and rules. Interference with such lawful use of the facilities is not allowed.

No Smoking.  Tobacco use is prohibited anywhere on UC Berkeley owned or leased property.

Special Events

Special events held in the park include concerts, fairs, basketball tournaments, and theatrical performances. Check out the event calendar for upcoming events.

Members of the community can reserve People's Park for special events through a simple permit process. The park has several features that make for a great event location:

  • Proximity to the UC Berkeley campus and the Telegraph Avenue shopping district
  • A large stage that faces an expansive lawn
  • Access to power for amplified sound (use of amplified sound has guidelines; see below)
  • If you’re interested in holding an event at the park, first read the Procedures for Granting Permits for Use of People’s Park, then complete and submit an application form. Park staff will contact you to discuss the specifics of your event. You should receive notice about your application within two weeks of its submittal. Park staff will work with you to make your event a success.

As only two amplified sound events per month are permitted, submit your application as early as possible.

Click here for the Event Permit Application.

Details on the procedure for granting permits to use People's Park.

Contact Us

People’s Park office:
Tel: (510) 642-3255
email: pplspark@berkeley.edu 
Staff office hours are Monday–Friday, 9am-5pm.
To report a maintenance need, please call UC Berkeley Facilities Services Customer Service Center at (510) 642-1032.

Please send an email to pplspark@berkeley.edu to have your name added to the People’s Park mailing list. Information sent to this email list includes events scheduled in the park and occasional news updates.

2017 Event Calendar

Special Events at People’s Park (As of 01/23/17)

Currently there are no other special events scheduled. Check back for updates!