Real Estate Services is responsible for all on- and off-campus commercial leasing in addition to property management of a portfolio of owned buildings. Staffed by 3 FTE, Real Estate Services performs a full range of services to campus departments needing off-campus space or leasing out campus space: from articulating space requirements; identifying potential locations in either owned or leased buildings; negotiating the lease; ensuring that properties comply with California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), seismic , and fire & life safety codes; arranging all applicable building inspections; obtaining the required Environment Impact Classification (EIC) form; consulting with General Counsel as needed, coordinating approvals with Space & Capital Resources, Chancellor's Office, Campus Budget Office, Office of the President, and the Board of Regents as necessary; and assisting with coordination of tenant improvements and initial move-in. Real Estate Services also serves as the University's liaison with landlords for any landlord/tenant-related issues or problems during the term of the lease, and works with departments to determine whether renewal or relocation is the best alternative prior to lease expirations.

Real Estate Services serves as the focal point for market information on real estate in the Berkeley area, maintaining knowledge of market availability and fluctuations in prices. Real Estate Services also serves as the office of record for the Berkeley campus, University, city, county and state reporting requirements, and supplies information to the various entities and the community regarding Berkeley campus real estate transactions.

Departments requiring leased space will need to complete the UC Berkeley - Real Estate Project Initiation Request.

The form will give Real Estate Services the information it requires to do a preliminary site search and estimate the real estate costs to the department. It will also guarantee that all appropriate offices are aware of projects being initiated, and determine if there is appropriate space in any Campus-owned buildings off-campus.

Guide to Contracting at Berkeley

To learn about the process of creating and maintaining legally binding Berkeley contracts and the roles of the various contracting offices on campus, refer to the UC Berkeley Guide to Contracting.