The Landscape Master Plan was published by the University of California, Berkeley in January 2004.

All documents are saved in a PDF format, which require Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

Introduction [4 pages, 42 KB]

Letter from Chancellor Robert M. Berdahl

Table of Contents

Section 1: The Plan [6 pages, 1.07 MB]                              

Plan Principles                             

The Process                                 

Related Campus Plans                  

Scope and Need                            

Section 2: Design Framework [12 pages, 806KB]              

Design Context                 

Design Systems                          

Natural Systems


Open Space Elements

Circulation Systems   

Perimeters and Gateways

Section 3: Policy Framework [6 pages, 172 KB]                 

Policy Objectives                          

Goals and Policies                        

Educational Mission  

Campus Image  

Historic Continuity  


Landscape Character  


Section 4: Plan Initiatives [34 pages, 2.70 MB]                  

Plan Principles                          


Natural Areas                               

South Fork Renewal

Eucalyptus Grove

Observatory Hill

Founders' Rock


West Oval Glade 

Campanile Glade

Faculty Glade

Wheeler Glade

Grinnell Glade

Edwards Glade

The Classical Core                        

Campanile Environs

Mining Circle

Gilman-LeConte Way

West Circle

Campanile Way

Sather Road

Places of Interaction                      

Sproul Plaza

Lower Sproul Plaza

Wheeler-Dwinelle Plaza

College Plaza

Arts Quad

University Walk

Tolman Plaza

Wellman Courtyard

Campus Greens                

West Hearst Field

Edges and Gateways                    

Hearst Frontage

Oxford-Fulton Frontage

Bancroft Frontage

Gayley Road

Contributors / References [2 pages, 29 KB]