Inspections are as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1:  File a Requisition for Services (RFS)

  • This defines scope of work and allows you to upload plans and specifications for your job.
  • It gets your project assigned an Inspector of Record (IOR) and a permit (if your plans are approved).
  • You only need to do this once per project.
  • Hint: Go here if you need to set up a project number (i.e. for "Inspection Only" projects).

Step 2: File a  Contractor Inspection Request (CIR)

  • Tell us what we'll be inspecting, where and the date (24 hours advance notice is required, please give us 48 hours notice if you might need special inspection).
  • Tell us your preferred  time of day (AM or PM). You must call your inspector between 6:30 and 7:30AM on the day of your inspection to set an exact time. Keep in mind that due to scheduling constraints, we cannot guarantee exact appointment times, but we'll do our best! For inspectors' contact info, go here.
  • You may submit as many inspection requests are necessary for a given project. Project Managers, Contractors or Subcontractors may file an Inspection Request.

Step 3: There is no Step 3! It's that easy!

Please note:

  • Inspection Services recharges at $153/hr with a two hour minimum. For this reason, fiscal-year blanket projects are encouraged (i.e. small work performed frequently within a building, college or other unit, repeated stage or bleacher set-up, etc).
  • For Plan Reviews, please contact Susan Pospiech, Plan Review and Project Close-out Manager at or (510) 642-9443. Electronic documents are strongly preferred.

Photo Credit: Tom Holdford, UC Berkeley