Sather GateInspection Services is a unit of Real Estate that provides the campus community a variety of services, including construction inspection for large and small projects and plan review.


The construction inspection role at UC Berkeley is wide and varied. For small projects on campus, one or more members of our team of certified professional inspectors confirm compliance with all relevant codes and requirements. On large construction projects, an Inspector of Record (IOR) is assigned to assist the project team in ensuring compliance with all contract documents and quality assurance metrics as well. Using our Inspection Request log, we track a project progress, relative to short and long term schedules, levels of completion as they relate to a contractor's monthly submittal for progress payment, and work on a time and material (T&M) basis when required.

Inspectors also ensure compliance with general construction and site safety rules for the greater campus community.

Plan Review:

Our unit reviews plans for all campus construction projects, ranging from small plumbing and/or electrical upgrades to classroom renovations, laboratory remodels, seismic retrofits, utility or landscape projects to new building construction. We review plans in conjunction with the Campus Fire Marshals, who focus on fire and life safety, and Department of the State Architect, which reviews for access compliance. Plan review is an important part of the service our unit offers the campus, as it minimizes the occurrence and related costs of identifying code related non-compliance items during construction.

Additionally, we work closely with Facilities Services to identify maintenance and repair issues in both plan review and construction inspections.