To Initiate a Project or Study a Proposal
A year ago, the Real Estate Division rolled out a new intake process for capital projects approval. We are continuing to refine that process and want to update the campus community on some recent changes. These changes respond to suggestions and reflect our campus Operating Principles of simplification, accountability and service. Please read below for a full description. 

Project Initiation
Campus units, departments, colleges, divisions and even individuals all have ideas about improving the campus environment—existing buildings and landscapes--and/or  providing new, improved space for university activities of all types.  The project intake and approval process helps the campus leadership prioritize improvements and manage the entire campus environment comprehensively. 

For the purposes of intake, there are four types of “projects:”

  1. Space alterations requiring design and/or construction
  2. Leases for rental space (in campus-owned and privately-owned buildings)
  3. Renovation and construction projects
  4. Studies and long-term planning or ideas/plans that might later result in a capital project

For questions about space allocation, please contact the Vice Provost Academic & Space Planning at

For very small ($<35k) projects and maintenance work, or to request a Gateway Cost Estimate, submit a Project Renovation Requisition (PRR) work request.

All other projects can be initiated and approved through the following process. If you have questions while you prepare your submittal please contact or

Here are a few things to keep in mind before initiating a project:

  • Each project has an owner, which is usually the unit/department that initiates the project.
  • Each project needs a sponsor—this will be the Dean or Vice Chancellor responsible for your unit/department. Support from the project sponsor will be required for the project to be reviewed by campus senior leadership. If you have questions about a proposal in advance of receiving your sponsor's approval, please contact
  • Requests for funding for emergencies will be considered year-round with project sponsor’s endorsement.
  • Because the campus cannot afford to backfill any projects for which funding expectations are not met, all proposals will be examined and evaluated with attention to long-term financial viability.  

To initiate a project, you will need to briefly answer a few questions. This information will help us identify the best approval path for your project. If you do not have all the answers for these, provide your best available information and Real Estate staff will contact you for follow-up.

  1. Programmatic justification
  2. Project description
  3. Project type
  4. Location
  5. Gateway cost estimate
  6. Funding strategy
  7. Schedule

STEP ONE­­--Intake
Submit a request to initiate a project here.

Real Estate staff will review your information within five working days and will either move the project forward for implementation, or send it for review by campus academic and financial leadership. This step will also identify projects that cannot yet move forward (for example, they are inconsistent with campus, University or State of California policy and/or law), and let you know what next steps to take to move forward.  

Proposals will be screened by campus staff from the academic and budget offices to confirm that the project is consistent with strategic campus goals and academic planning (Vice Provost Academic & Space Planning, VPASP) and whether or not suggested funding proposal is aligned with current campus budget and debt policy (Chief Financial Officer, CFO).  This step does not approve the project, but endorses the concept moving forward for further study.

Real Estate staff will identify and summarize key issues and prepare a briefing memo, including, when appropriate, a recommendation.  Depending on the complexity of your proposal, there may be a cost for this step, if technical information such as architectural services for design plans is needed to move forward.  For potentially complex projects where funding is required, VCRE staff will provide a memorandum for you with the information required to complete this step and its estimated cost. 

STEP FOUR—Decision
VPASP, VCRE, CFO will review the Briefing Memo and will determine whether or not to forward to campus leadership group (Capital Project Committee or CPC co-chairs) for decision. They can forward proposals with the staff recommendation, with a different recommendation or with no recommendation.

 Final decisions will be made by CPC.  For some projects (small dollar amount or limited impact), CPC co-chairs may make a decision without convening the committee.

If you have questions while you prepare your submittal please contact or