Gardeners’ Work Schedule

In an effort to provide predictable, scheduled work, the central campus gardeners will work in a specific area of campus one day per week. 

The campus has been divided into three sectors (East, West and the Union). The East & West are further divided into five Areas. These Areas will be addressed on the designated day of the week (please refer to map).

The daily work schedule will take place in all sectors and will consist of:

  • Removing litter, leaf drop, and cuttings on hardscape throughout the campus with blowers until approximately 8AM.
  • Starting at 8AM, exterior trash cans on campus will be emptied* in five distinct routes:
    • NE route starts at the east side of O'Brien Hall
    • SE route begins on the west side of Gilman Hall
    • SW & NW routes both begin at the west side of Mulford Hall
    • Union trash route starts at the flagpole on Upper Sproul
    • Parking lots are serviced on Mondays & Thursdays

*This activity (emptying outdoor trash/recycle containers) is scheduled to be under the supervision of Campus Recycling and Refuse (CRRS) starting later this summer

The gardeners will then go to their sectors to do landscape maintenance.
For example, on Wednesdays:

  • East sector landscape maintenance will be performed in Area 8 (College of Engineering buildings, Evans Hall, GSPP, and Donner Hall).
  • West Sector work will be performed in Area 3 (East Asian Library, Haviland Hall, Gianinni Hall, Wellman Hall, and Observatory Hill).

If the work has not been completed by the end of the day, the crew will return to finish the following Wednesday.

The work priorities in each of these regions are:

  • Eliminate/mitigate any dangerous conditions
  • Remove impediments on staircases, walkways, ramps 
  • Trim trees, shrubs and groundcovers to improve sight lines
  • Work orders and other landscape priorities will be addressed
  • Perform on-demand and scheduled work orders
  • Manual mowing & detailing will be done on a biweekly schedule
  • Manual irrigation will occur on a weekly or as needed basis depending on the weather
  • "A" (emergency) tags will be addressed when they are received

Please see adjacent map for Areas and sequence of activity. 

Map: Campus Landscape Areas

Please click here to see a map of the landscape areas and sequence of Grounds weekly activities.