Customer Service Center

The Customer Service Center (CSC) is the "nerve center" of FS. The CSC responds to telephone and email requests for campus maintenance. Customer Service Representatives (CSR) will triage calls and act as liaison to the appropriate shop, creating work orders and monitoring issues until resolution is reached. CSRs can follow-up and track progress on customer work orders upon request.

The CSC has one phone number for all maintenance and customer service needs: (510) 642-1032

Use this number for work service requests for:

  • Building Maintenance
  • Lock Shop
  • Utilities Operations
  • Recycling
  • Pest Management
  • Grounds and Custodial Services
  • FS Customer Service

Click here to learn more about how work orders are prioritized and the timeline for responses.

There are two avenues for obtaining maintenance services:

Work Orders (WOs) are issued for general maintenance or custodial needs. For non-emergency scheduled maintenance requests, please email all details to For same-day emergency requests, contact the Customer Service Center at 510-642-1032.  *our web requests are currently not available*

Project Renovation Requisitions (PRRs) generally refer to requests for projects where costs are expected to exceed $500. Both Construction & Design and FS will review submitted PRRs and notify clients as to the disposition of the PRR. Submit a PRR here.

Supervisor, Customer Service Center: Chelsea Groen