FS Accounting
FS Accounting provides supporting services to all units within Facilities Services primarily through billing, accounts receivable and accounts payable services.

To contact FS Accounting staff or to submit vendor invoices, please send an email to fs-accounting@berkeley.edu

FS Purchasing
The FS Purchasing unit issues all non-stock purchase orders and contracts for Facilities Services including entertainment, travel, reimbursements, and payment requests.

FS Purchasing staff can be reached at:   fs-purchasing@berkeley.edu

FS Storehouse
The Storehouse unit handles the materials management function for Facilities Services (FS). They order, receive, stock, and issue approximately 5,000 line items of maintenance supplies.  In addition, they receive all non-stock materials required for the Trades/Crafts shops, Grounds, and Custodial Services to perform their work.   They are responsible for inventorying, receiving, and delivery functions for FS.  The Storehouse unit oversees an inventory of over $1,000,000 worth of maintenance materials in multiple storehouses and manages receiving and deliveries to all work units within FS. 

Storehouse staff can be reached at:   fs-storehouse@berkeley.edu


FS Recharge Rates
Click on this link for current recharge rates.

Real Estate Division Operations
Go to the home page for Real Estate Division operations units, including Contract Administration and IT.