Custodial cleaning in campus classrooms is scheduled to take place Monday-Friday, 10pm – 1am.

Custodial cleaning cannot take place if A classroom is occupied.

If a classroom is in use after 10pm, cleaning will be rescheduled if possible. Services will be missed if the room is in use during the entire regular cleaning shift.

Classrooms will be cleaned as follows:

Once per day, Monday – Friday

  • Trash and recycling emptied
  • Chalk/white board erased, tray and erasers cleaned

Three times during the week, Monday – Friday

  • Floors spot cleaned

One time during the week, Monday – Friday

  • Floors mopped/vacuumed

Special events or meetings that include food and/or that generate a level of trash in excess of normal for the room may require additional Custodial Service. Custodial staff may not have the capacity to remove any food waste in excess of regular classroom use.

Please call 642-1032 to arrange for extra cleaning. 

Pizza boxes are considered special request trash.

Complaints about Custodial service to classroom should be submitted online by clicking here.

If you have an urgent classroom support need, please call Classroom Central at 510 642-2800.

Custodial Services Classroom Cleanliness Report

Please click here to register a complaint or concern about classroom cleanliness.  We will respond to your concern within 2 business days.

If you have an urgent need for assistance in a campus classroom, please call Classroom Central at 510 642-2800.