The FY18 banded recharge rates for Project Management are below.  These rates are effective as of August 1, 2015. Services included in the fee, as well as those that are not included, are also detailed below.

Budget Range (projects initiated in FY18)

FY2018 rates

Eff. 8/1/15

$0  to  $ 35,000


$35,000  to  $1M


$1M  to  $10M


$10M  to  $50M


$50M +


Public-Private Partnerships (P3’s)


Blanket Program


LBNL Project Directors                                                        

$184 per hr.

Gateway Service / estimating


Hourly Rate for planning, designing, estimating, consulting, Project Management, Inspection

$153 / hour

Please note: the project management fee is estimated on project budget before PM fees are added.

The project management fee INCLUDES these services:

  • Physical & Environmental Planners
  • Project Manager's services
  • Contract Administration
  • Accounting Services (invoice processing, overdraft monitoring, reconciliation, financial closeout)
  • Analytical Support
  • Jobsite Assistants
  • Inspection Services

The project management fee EXCLUDES these services (activities external to Construction & Design):

  • Parking & Transportation fees
  • Campus Fire Marshal fees
  • Other EH&S fees
  • UCPD recharges (keys, security services)
  • FS recharge (work orders for carpentry shops, etc.)
  • Plant Fee (Controller's Office recharge) 
  • IST (CNS) for voice and data
  • Property Movers
  • FFE Consultants
  • Space Planners 


If your project is complicated and cannot be accommodated within the standard fee, a Project Manager will advise you of the cost and appropriate next steps once the request is submitted.

All campus recharge rates can be found online at