Asset Management/Facilities Services

Associate Vice Chancellor Sally McGarrahan

Sally McGarrahan has a Bachelor of Arts – Architecture from UC Berkeley.  She is a licenced architect and was the sole proprietor of a high-end residential design and construction company, McGarrahan Design and Construction, before coming to UC Berkeley as a senior project manager in 2005.  She managed a number of projects for the campus, including the renovation of historic Durant Hall and construction of the new Energy Biosciences Building, a lab facility on the west edge of campus that was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

Sally became manager of the campus’s Capital Renewal Program in January 2012, directing a multi-year, multi-million dollar annual reinvestment program to restore and renew all UC Berkeley facilities including buildings, utilities, and landscape.  In August 2014 she was appointed Director of Asset Management, a new unit for the campus tasked with oversight of property management, renewal reinvestment, maintenance, and operations for all campus facilities and utilities. In mid-2015, a reorganization joined Facilities Services, the unit responsible for campus maintenance, with Asset Management.  Sally serves as AVC of the combined unit.

Questions about this unit should be directed to Sally at Sally McGarrahan


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