What is Asset Management?

Asset Management provides a planned approach to facility maintenance and renewal with an emphasis on primary accountability, ownership and effective execution.

The charter of the Asset Management team is to oversee and coordinate all facilities activities in buildings in a region.  The goal is to achieve top performing facilities for the University by improving efficiency, quality of service delivery and cost effectiveness.

 The Asset Management unit will:

  • Oversee the maintenance and renewal of our building and utilities
  • Provide long range planning for ongoing renewal 
  • Create a database of knowledge about our facilities
  • Create a culture of ownership and accountability around the oversight of our facilities
  • Move the campus from a reactive to a planned maintenance and renewal model

How will it work?

Region concept

  • The campus will be divided into 7 regions based on geography and type
  • Each region will have a regional asset manager who will be the single point of contact for maintenance and renewal work coordination in the buildings.
  • The Regional Asset Manager will be responsible for:
    • Facilities Services work order coordination
    • Preventative maintenance  coordination
    • Confirmation and follow up of work orders and maintenance
    • Custodial and grounds QC
    • Coordination of monthly maintenance
    • Warranty tracking and claims
    • Renewal planning
    • Blanket contract coordination
    • Facility data management
  • The Regional Asset Manager will work with existing building facility staff to coordinate efforts

Coordination between Asset Management and Facilities Services:

Team concept

  • Facilities Services will provide teams of trade staff to the regions
  • The Asset Manager will prioritize the work to be done by FS staff
  • The Asset Manager will confirm the execution of the work by the assigned team
  • The team and the Asset Manager will be accountable to each other and to the occupants of the building


90-in-90 was the data compilation and analysis effort undertaken in fall 2014 to determine the existing condition as well as the maintenance and renewal needs of all campus facilities.  Click here to read a summary report of the 90-in-90 findings.

Campus Regions

Click here for regional map

Who is My Regional Manager?

Region 1 - Eric Ellisen
Region 2 - coming soon
Region 3 - Steven Keller
Region 4 - Maria Garcia-Alvarez
Region 5 - Daryl Mathews
Region 6 - Gustavo Salas
Region 7 - Vacant
Region 8 - Dave Smith

Facility Manager Newsletter

We have launched a new quarterly newsletter for our campus partners, which you can find on the Directors page.